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A beautiful flower (Hydrangea)

My Life is always full of suprises, Thats probelly why we don’t know what’ll happen in  the future! Its best to try your best at everything (I only found that out a couple of days ago! Stupid me) At school I got 5 house points for one powerpoint I did on microsoft powerpoint 2007. I also got a ticket to do with the Olympic Values, The ticket was for the value: Inpiration.  My teacher is a very kind and genorous and is very thoughtful, Whats the name? you may ask, the name is ……Mrs Patten!!!! Mrs Patten is always trying to make lessons fun! She’s like 2 of my favourite teachers: Miss Ilsley and Mrs Robson. To me the Hydrangea flower represents fun lessons and great teachers! I only just relised school is fun!

To be continued ….. (later, when i’ve court up with one of my best friend Alice on club penguin! And visiting Emily’s house on moshi monsters!)

The power point that I had done on microsoft power point I will add when i’m ready too. (A.K.A. LATER Viewers, Sorry) Thank you for reading and keep commenting!!!!!!!!! Seriously, do 🙂 😀

thank you viewers!!!  for some thing to do with what I already said. No offensise!


by lavendergirl12

sorry, this may already be a comment so, please don’t shout at me for this 😦

Woodlands and Nature

The Environment is a beaiutiful and fresh place to be, Everyone gets excited in Spring and Summer (seriously, they do) How about this year you visit a country park or a forest, or maybe a famous garden! Also try growing more flowers! The flowers at this time of year, defiantly !!!

Also try to find some things out! Me,  Morgan J, Emily, Beth and Alice have been doing research on Ladybirds for a topic on springwe are going to show the class soon! I’ve also got a powerpoint on spring but I’ll show it later!

by lavendergirl12!!!!


Lucy Glimmer Diamond (Lucy in part 1)

Hi everyone and welcome to part 1 of my new story, lucy’s life! enjoy!


Once upon a time, there lived a man and a women, they both where married and produced one speical child. Her name was Lucy. One day lucy’s mum and dad were out leaving poor lucy to do her homework. It was hard enough without parents helping but lucycouldn’t ressisd carring on.Then there was a sudden silence. Lucy crept outside.Waiting, on the doorstep was her mother and fatherdead.She cryed and Cryed for hours. The next morning,lucy woke up to find herself in the river glitglam. She suddenly felt a flashof lightning down her spine as she splashed out of the river and strolled home damp as melted snow. She then noticed the time. “oh no!” she cryed”I’m late for school!” so as quick as a flash, lucy got dressed, gathered up her homework and rushed to school. The first hours where boring to lucy,”If only I had someone special by my side. Ding Dong went the bell as break time started, Suddenly lucy flung out of her seat and sprinted outside as fastas a cheater. Then, faintly in the distance, she heard something time lordosh. Lucy suddenly turned round, There in front of her was a blue police box from earth.Lucy slowly crept up to it then the door silently opened. There, inside was a old grandfather with crystal white hair and black frilly clothes. Lucy couldn’t stopherself on asking “who are you?” The man replyed ” I am, The doctor” “so, are you a time lord by any chance?” lucy questioned, “of course i am young lady! now step insideif  you want!” Lucy thought for a moment. Was he a strainger? or was he a nice old man? Lucy then nodded with a grin, she then swiftly stepped inside. The first word which cameout of lucy mouth was “wow!” “It’s bigger on the inside!” The old man then took lucy away with him on his travels of exploring time and space in his blue police box. A couple of mounths later,lucy returned home. The doctor had promised her he’ll be back to see her in a weeks time, so lucy decided to research about time and space at home so the doctor could be popular. After a week, the doctor returned to planet marycook so he could pick up lucy, but after 1 adventure the doctor was damaged by the TARDIS and instead of dieing, he was forced to regenarate. The regeneration made the doctor have , black hair and brilliant thinking. He decided to wear a black jacket, a black bow tie, braces and a white shirt.The doctor let lucy stay for a bit longer before he regenerated again.



Beautiful white rose

Click on the link saying spring on top of this text to see the powerpoint! I never break promises so, enjoy!!! There will be more from me soon.
I hope I can put up another docx or ptt. I hope you enjoy my powerpoint! comment and rate!!!

The Best Singer Ever

My favourite popstar ever = Avril lavigne

Since I was little Avril Lavigne had been my favourite pop ever! I only noticed today that I had been listening to her songs alot. I don’t care if she swears or anything like that, It’s the music that counts! Everyone should listen to her music. Try it out today and comment if you like it. Avril has been in the BRIT awards a load of times, She comes from the same town as Justin Bieber and has been a popstar for the last decade! (10 years.) Hope you here more soon. By guyz!!

My CLUB PENGUIN diary for about half an hour!

Ok, so this morning when I went on the computer, I went on club penguin to do stuff when I had an idea! Then made a diary of my penguin for half an hour. I thought i might show you guyz it. Before You see it I would like to add I didn’t want any penguin names on it so don’t ask me what they are.

My CLUB PENGUIN diary for a day

(Sorry, It is not really a day, Its half an hour! >:)  sorry!)

Prince William and Princess Catherine (Kate) Together

Today was the Royal wedding and I watched all of it on TV ( BBC 1.) So I’ve got alot of Pictures, Documents and Power Points to show you. This also is the first Royal Wedding of the Century! So mainly it was about Kate and William getting married. They got married in Westminster Abbey Today at 11:00 (In the morning.) There was over 2,000 guests including Celebrity’s  and Citizens from all over the world! I would like to show you a schedule of the Wedding day.

Royal Wedding Scedule

Today I celebrated the Wedding by joining in a Private Party. We had nibbles and watched the Royal wedding on TV and had fun with party poppers and flags and not forgetting there was a raffle at the end! Since then today has been a fun packed day! Here’s a powerpoint of what I would call a Royal wedding. No offense!

My Idea of a Royal Wedding

Now Prince William and Princess Catherine are married, they are a happy Royal couple. Kate is going to sleep in Buckingham Palace 24 7. And also stay with Prince William for the rest of her life. Prince William must be happy because he’s married Catherine. This is something that will show the couple that they’re married.

Royal Wedding card

Congratulations to Prince William and Princess Kate on there wedding day.  

My awesome new trampoline game!

Today I made up a game similar to the one played at school. It’s called, Tell the truth!

So how do you play it I hear you ask! Ok, i’ll tell you!

1. Get on to the trampoline.

2. Get into the middle.

This will be easy.

3. When jumping. While you’re in  the air say a letter of the alphabet. It has to be in alphabetical order. For example


You have to do that in till you either slip or stop.

4. When you’ve slipped/stopped you have to think of someone you know and that letter has to be the first letter of the persons Christian name.

5. After that everytime you’re in the air your have to say    Love/Hate/Marry or divorce.

6. If you slip or stop on either Love/Hate/Marry or divorce, you either Love/Hate/Marry or divorce the person you thought of.

Have fun! =)




Rocky’s Plaice!

On the 21st of august I went to an event in the wantage baptist church (Mill street) named Rocky’s plaice. Rocky’s plaice is a fun activity filled with

  • Food
  • Games
  • Video quizzes
  • Sandwhich making and cookie decorating
  • Hama beads
  • Weird, paper sharks

It was so fun. We even met Captain ketchup who has an addiction to party rings and has 2 gerbils named Dick and Dom! I can’t wait until the next Rocky’s plaice event either!


2 thoughts on “Thoughts and creations

  1. Yep so I do enjoy Avril Lavigne’s music alot. Did you like her new Album that came out last month?

  2. Hey, Who watched the Royal Wedding ???
    It was sooo romantic. I liked the seen when William and Catherine Kissed on the balcony. TWICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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