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March 26th 2011

Crash mat mania

Today Mollz went to Gymnastics as always,  After all  those tiring exercises it was time,

to face,  the EQUIPMENT!  Today it was ……

Vault time! We did flatbacks, but instead of the really really really soft mat to land on, The coaches

put on top of it, The crash mat of doom! So we lined up to do some flatbacks, but guess what

happened, Every time we got of the mat … OUR BACKS ACHED. Seriously, thats what happened.

If you thought it was just a bad day, think AGAIN. My dad bought a cream bun from Greggs afterwards!

😀 🙂 XD see you tomorrow for another news update!

New news flash!

27th march 2011

Tractor alert!

So, today, me and my brother were out and riding our bikes on foliat drive, there was a woman and a man walking down the path and my brother and I stopped to let them by. Me and my bro then kept on cycling , then this 4 year old toddler ran round the corner as fast as lightning with a mini plastic tractor. It frightened my brother and the tractor zoomed by and crashed down the bend (not forgetting it hit my brother on the knee cap) but my brakes couldn’t seem to work so it ended up as part of my bike  slammed againsed my bro’s face and he ended up crying like a little baby. I slowly got him into the house (’cause he’s evil) and dads sorted him out with a bar of cadburys chocolate (No fair)

It’s funny chocolate always cheers people up,  maybe there staying of medicine for a bit! Or it’s an unhealthy diet there on? who cares anyway? serves me brother right! (his name is the devil.)

See you guys tomorrow with another update!


march 28th 2011

Ladybird planner!

So today me, Alice, Emily, Morgan J and Beth were trying to catch more ladybirds because the others we put in the schools flower bed (with daffodils in) had either been eaten by Harlequin ladybirds or just flown away. So we found a pregnant female,  A lively male and a snail shell. The bell rang again as usual so me and Morgan had an idea on what to do to give us some information to tell the class through class assembly business !!! So we thought we could make a powerpoint on the computer at the back of the classroom and then load it onto my dads memory stick and I found a BBC website which has pictures, information and videos about ladybirds and harlequin ladybirds and I borrowed a book from the library about bugs and I have found some information about ladybirds on one of the pages. Morgan is going to find some information about ladybird reproduction and I’m also going to print some pictures out of the printer of ladybirds in my garden!  I will tell you more about the plans when we’re done.

See YOU tomorrow for another exciting news flash!

March 29th news

School trip!

The school trip to christ church Cathedral in Oxford was Awesome!!!! We first got a tour on the history of the cathedral ! Our tour guides were liz and some other guy. So after  we went up the  stairs into the great hall (were harry potter films!) I felt privilaged! Next it was lunch.I sat next to Emily and Alice. Emily forgot her lunch box so she shared lunch with the teacher. Sh ehad an apple. And a really gross thing, Cheese and Pickle  sandwhiches! (ewwww, poor emily) Then we had a walk around the catherdral gardens and then went strate to the coach. On the way back I did feel sick.

See you soon!

Gran comes down!

march 30th news flash!

Today granny came down from Falkirk in scotland to look after me and my evil brother! Granny is so nice because she bought loads of toys for us at Toyrus last time! Tomorrow shes going to take us to hospital so we can see mum! Mum is going to have a baby tomorrow! She has to have it tomorrow because she has preaclamsia thingy. I’m hopeing to know the details of the baby tomorrow so it can be in my news flash!

see you soon everyone!

(before I begin I just want to say a big sorry because i haven’t had time to costomise my blog)

April the 18th news flash

Little toes

Yes my little sister was born luckily not on April fools day! Her name is Henrietta and she (obviously)  is a girl. She was born sometime around 7:oopm. I got to stay up all night to see her newborn face!

I’ll put up a picture and video of her on my blog as soon as possible!

See u soon!

Little baby sister Progress!

So I thought you would like to see the lastest video of Henrietta at home. ( how sweet is that?!?)

hope you like it!

Sorry, only image. I will find a video soon!

Boo hoo 😦 It’s only an image. Sorry. Oh and it’s the wrong why round, boo hoo.

Bike in your face!

May 1st 2011

News flash

Today I went on a bike ride to a playground in Ardington. It was really relaxing! I met Ruth, Anna and someone else which i don’t know but they all come from my school. So I basically went on a very tiring bike ride. And there was also a load of greenery there as well!

See you tomorrow !

Henrietta Update!

27th July 2011


Henrietta is now 4 months old. This is the age that Henrietta has started eating Petis felous (How ever you spell it.) Last night she sat on her high chair for the first time. Unforchantly, she went to nuffield hospital thingy and something was wrong with her hips. Peace out and see you next time!

Baby update

29th august 2011


Henrietta is now 5 months and 1 week old now. She’s trying to crawl more as well. It is a shame that she has to were this speacial thing at night.



August 31st new update (1 year on)

Nintendogs Glitch

Everyone knows I have my own DS lite.  I got nintendogs for it too. I was teaching my corgi, Sophie, how to chase her tail. Then she starts trying to attack me! She barked, Pushed and threatened to bite me! Eek, she wouldn’t stop so I put her in the dog hotel for 6 hours then let her out. I had to do that with 2nd corgi, Mark, twice aswell. So now you know how to treat a nintendog when they act aggressively.

More News

Henrietta update

Hetty is now 1 and 1/2 years old! She crawls everywhere and she is finding her balance to walk.


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  1. Sry, My dad wont let me put a video up on my blog. Shame.

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