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Before I begin, there might be some information about me in my profile.

me when I was 4 months old!

Molly Herbert was born in the JR hospital. I had a wonderful life until my evil brother came along. It felt annoying when my brother came into my life. When I was in Yr 1, I started taking part in Gymnastics lessons every Saturday in the lesure centre but i’ve taken up swimming now because I finished all the badges in gymnastics ( It took me ages.)



9 thoughts on “About Myself

  1. You look so cute in that picture you look a bit like my cousin (but with blonde hair not brown!)

  2. What about on Friday, 5 o’clock, at my igloo! I’m blue called waters10!

  3. Oh …

    I’ve gotta baby sister so don’t think I just gotta anoying brother!

  4. Hey, Anyone who visit’s my blog, Please tell people that you know about this site. Please, this is because I really need more views. My dad is also helping me do my blog. And keep blogging! I’m also very excited about the next event on animal crossing. Has any of you got a friend code? If you have, Please tell me it.
    See you guys and girls around!

  5. Love your ambition! We want to keep bees next year. Keep up the fantastic work!

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