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Herbert Honey : Behind the scenes

So you all know that my dad owns 2 hives of pet bee’s, his oldest hive produced 6 Jars of honey (4 frames) a couple of days ago! I’m going to be showing you how we got it out of the frames and into Jars.

First you need a capping tool (??) to un-cap the honey on the frame. Then you need to put it into this special machiney thingy where you turn the handle really fast and all the honey flys out of the frames and onto the sides (wheee!!). Then you tip the machine and open a knob thing to put then honey into a plastic bucket, Leave it for 24 hours. After that you put this massive sieve underneath the plastic bucket and underneath that you put the funnel, then underneath that you put the Jar. Then open the knobby thingy and wait for the jar to fill. Once your satisfied with the amount in the jar, close the thing and swap the jars. Put the lid on the full jar.  Now open to thing again ( and so on…)


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