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OMG. Someone from my other class is literally hogging my BFF Emily. She won’t even let me speak to her ūüė¶ I asked emily for a PRIVATE chat and her ‘so called’ friends SHOUTED IN MY FACE.. NO. I mean, HOW DARE THEY! NOT FAIR. AND THEY SAID I WAS HER ‘so called’ FRIEND. I FEEL SO¬†UNCOMFORTABLE WHEN I’M NEAR HER. My friends Jane + Abby agree with me. ALright.. I know what ¬†your thinking… How did this happen? Well, it all started when a STUPID Year 6 kicked a football into¬†the back of Emilys head. Jane and I took emily in to rest her head. When we came out… CHARLOTTE (the horrid person i’m talking about) AND ZOE CAME UP TO US. CHARLOTTE CALLED ME AND JANE ‘so called’ FRIENDS OFF EMILY…. I AM NOT¬†TOLERATING¬†IT>:(¬†


Author: lavendergirl24

I love chickens. They are just plain cute! So I'm going to get some, and you will be their, listening, every step of the way.

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