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So a few months back (In June,) I was playing mario kart on WFC. So I decided  to go onto worldwide for a change right. It was going smoothly until a HACKER came along. Luckily, There was no personal details on the wii (Phew!) So, this is how he was spotted adn identifyed as a hacker.

  1. He was ALWAYS using powers that were not on the track.
  2. Everytime the guy lost, he got -99 points but gained it back before the next race.

So now, I want to become one but I don’t want to get into trouble. I wish some one shut homebrew and other hacking sites down.  AND I MEAN DOWN.



Author: lavendergirl24

I love chickens. They are just plain cute! So I'm going to get some, and you will be their, listening, every step of the way.

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